Tyfu, Meithrin, Llwyddo 
Grow, Nuture, Succeed 

 Three Peaks Part II  

A brief break at the services to refuel the car and coffee for the ladies. I was strictly on coca cola and sweets. All day Laura had wanted to stop at M&S and this was her chance, but at somewhere around midnight, yes you guessed it, it was closed! 
As the journey continued a boat may have been more appropriate for the conditions than the trusted BMW 520d. Laura and Ceri, having a duty of care to the driver, remained awake in the back, now excited to take on the final mountain, Snowdon. Diane, asleep again had lost some of her ‘PMA’ as she awoke after nearly another two hours. Now all that remained was for them to redress in the APPROPRIATE clothing for the hike. Twenty, yes twenty minutes later they were ready. Ceri, a tad concerned that her make up was now in need of a touch up, was raring to go. Laura, now 36, had aged a year during the challenge, not that it showed as she looked as young and full of life as ever. Diane, unused to this unearthly hour, sprung into life and with a little help getting her hood over her head was also on her way. 
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