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 Tax Relief for Employees  

Are you fully claiming the tax reliefs available to employees? As an employee there are several tax reliefs that you may be eligible to claim most notable the Uniform Cleaning Allowance and Mileage Allowance Relief.  
Do these apply to you? 
Uniform Tax Rebate 
The uniform cleaning allowance is an allowance available to all employees that have to wear a designated uniform to work which you have purchased yourself, have to wash and maintain yourself. 
You may not be aware that this rebate does not only apply to emergency services employees it may also be available to the following: 
• Retail staff 
• Certain teachers 
• Public transport workers 
• Engineers and mechanics 
• Builders/Plumbers/Carpenters 
• Hospitality and catering workers 
• Airline staff 
• Anyone else that wears a uniform 
The amount you can claim depends upon your job but claims can be back dated 4 years. 
Business Mileage relief 
If you claim business mileage expenses from your employer and are reimbursed at a rate of less than 45p per mile (up to 10,000 miles) you can claim Mileage Allowance Relief on the difference. 
The government approved rates are 45p per mile up to 10,000 and 25p per mile on miles over 10,000. 
For further information on the above please contact one of our team. 
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