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If you are self-employed (ie trading as a sole trader or as a partner in a partnership) you may be entitled to the second stage of the Self Employment Income Support Scheme. Please note that this must be claimed by 19 October 2020. It does not apply to company directors. 
You should note the following: 
1. You must claim the grant yourself. We can help you but cannot make the claim for you. 
2. The maximum pay-out under the scheme is £6,570. This is slightly lower than the maximum entitlement under the first grant. The amount you receive will broadly speaking depend on your average earnings for the three years ended 5 April 2019. There are slight variations where you have been trading for a shorter period. Where your average income is over £50,000, your income from self-employment is less than half of your other income, or you started trading after 5 April 2019, you will not be entitled to this grant. 
3. If you qualified for the first payment then you will qualify for the second, provided your business was “adversely affected” by Covid-19 after 14 July 2020. 
4. If you are eligible to apply, HMRC should have been in contact with you. (this does not confirm eligibility though - you will still need to confirm that you have been adversely affected). 
HMRC say that a business may have been adversely affected if any of the following apply: 
You are unable to work because you: 
• are shielding 
• are self-isolating 
• are on sick leave because of coronavirus 
• have caring responsibilities because of coronavirus 
You have had to scale down, temporarily stop trading or incurred additional costs because: 
• your supply chain has been interrupted 
• you have fewer or no customers or clients 
• your staff are unable to come in to work 
• one or more of your contracts have been cancelled 
• you had to buy protective equipment so you could trade following social distancing rules 
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